New make up, omaigaaad. I don’t exactly need it all, I just got carried away! And it’s so cute.

Crystal pearl powder from Étude house! Luv the package! ❤


This color can be used as eyeshadow, rouge and on lips! Totally unnecessary but cute and smells delicious keke

On my list I also have a new BB cream from skin79. Apparently it is some kind of snail cream. Snail creams are very popular in Korea for wrinkle prevention.

Recieved some samples, don’t you just love shopping for Korean stuff xD Though you hardly use them.


Me and T went on Tuesday shopping and bought this pretty four leaf clover bracelet from Hallbergs guld, love it!



And we had some ice cream afterwards, T is of course, healthier than me and bought the Yoghurt Ice Cream, I just had that one the weekend before, so I was craving for some fatty ice cream (=REAL Ice Cream 😉 keke). Chocolate and Hazelnut! Delicious. Can’t believe I ate a big fat semla a few hours prior this Ice Cream lol


To much Make-up shopping going on lately, I bought a new mask from Emma S (Ageless Oxygen Mask),  it’s pretty fun, when you put it on your face, it starts to foam, and it’s very ticklish xD xD, and new Toner and Emulsion from Laneige, and J helped me buy some new eyeliners and lipstick in Korea. My favorite purchase is still my MAC Tinted  Lip conditioner SPF 15 – Petting Pink, so awesome! the color is pretty and really moisturising, I will definitely buy it again and again and again!  I am already thinking of buying another color xD Love it. So good. Strongly recommend MACs tinted Lip conditioner.




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