Holy Macaroni, haven’t updated in a really long time, and I thought it was about time today 😛

This past weekend I went to Big Bang’s Alive Tour in London (15/12), the whole concert was like a PARTYYYYYY~~~
Even though I didn’t see them that well, but the concert was still amazing, we were screaming and shouting, dancing and singing with them lol

I took of my boots on spot, my feet were killing me, the same day and the day before we’ve been shopping and running around London non-stop, and besides no one was watching, just kicked off my shoes 😛

Here is some pic from Tiff aka Fanylize, all credits goes to her if not stated otherwise.





A super dark self came before the concert in our seats:

Best Christmas and Birthday gift ever! ❤ Thank you T!

After the concert I met one of my childhood friends as well, though we don’t hang out or talk much, it was nice meeting her anyway. Haha I was pretty shocked when she told me she was attending the concert as well. Also met Big Bang’s band afterwards, and some dancer I suppose.

Here are some pics from T’s sisters’ friends, took them from Instagram, with Big Bang’s band outside the hotel entrance, and No we didn’t stalk them, the concert hall is just RIGHT BESIDE the Hilton Hotel they were staying at.

Photo 2012-12-16 11 17 59

Photo 2012-12-17 16 53 36

Photo 2012-12-17 17 04 51

Photo 2012-12-17 08 33 31

Of course while we were in London, we couldn’t ignore the fact that China Town has TONS of YUMMY food we miss from Hong Kong! OH MAI GAAD, Heaven! and these girls ALWAYS order way too much food, so we always have lots of left-overs.
Photo 2012-12-14 22 43 23

OMG, Red Bean Ice, I’ve missed this drink so freaking much! it was DELICIOUS! I miss it already >_< buhuu
Photo 2012-12-14 13 30 06

And of course I have to order some Cha Siu Bao KEKE (a)
Photo 2012-12-15 13 21 10

Anyway, I think I covered the most important parts of our super short weekend trip, you don’t want to hear the chaos that happen in the airport, okay maybe you do?
We Almost missed the flight even though we arrived to the airport 2 hours ahead. How crazy is that, lol when I think about it, almost a little comical (just almost). We were suppose to go party the concert, but some of them didn’t feel so good, so we decided to take a cab back to the hotel and get our luggage and head for the airport earlier. And holy macaroni, it took us 40 min to get a taxi, thank God we didn’t go to party, or else we would’ve missed the flight for sure. And while we were stressing like crazy, the security people in London’s airport are SLOW AS HELL! and they are rude (as rude as chinese people, holy moly!)
That’s All!

Oh PS: We met/saw 50 cent when we first arrived to London, hahaha how random is that, but he was there to perform at some club for their first year anniversary and Big Bang was there too??? I am not sure. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the girls, I would’ve never seen him, hahahha



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