So I am finally done with A Gentleman’s Dignity, after lots of back and forth if I should continue this drama or not. But in the end, I did finish it. I saw how everyone was buzzing about this drama, and how they will miss the gentlemen after its ending.

One thing that I must say I really liked about this drama is the editing. When a new episode starts, they usually show you a little bit (sometimes too much) from the previous episode, but If you are watching it from a marathon point of view, the beginning of the next episode is just boring and way to long for your taste, but this drama, show you a little bit more from the previous episode, from a different perspective or time frame you didn’t see in the ending of the last episode, I really liked that. I see that this technique is used in many dramas, but i feel that sometimes they go way far back, making it boring. and of course, the short stories taking us to their high school time and short sketches was absolutely hilarious.

To be honest, even though I really liked this drama, it started to get a tad bit boring from the point Colin confessed the reason why he was in Korea, the fact that one of the four was his biological father, (and I be honest with you, from that point forward, I started to fast forward here and there, even skipped a whole episode). I think the climax of the drama wasn’t strong enough, didn’t keep me wondering “ooh what’s gonna happen next”, “damn how will this end?” Colins acting by the way was pretty awkward if I might add, but his guitar skills and singing was of course jjang keke (CN BLUE <3)

and I got seriously sick of Im Maeri's crying for Yoon in every episode. Yes I love this girl, she is cute, has character, nice personality and so on, and I get that if you were in her situation you probably cry all the time too, but doesn't mean I enjoy watching her crying her heart out in every episode, in every scene she makes her entrance (but she did her crying part good though).

But I guess this drama had so many funny and hilarious moments to make it all up for the slow ending, so many scenes that made you laugh out loud. And seriously, who doesn't want to have that kind of bond with your closest friends. First I need to find someone that owns a coffee shop and a bar, the given place to have our daily meetings. Meetings during daytime in the coffee shop and during night time in the bar. A personal lawyer, in which you can call at any time about law-related topics. Well well let's start the searching shall we?



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