My bedroom really has no style, it is just a big mess, nothing matches.
So I have been googling some bedroom decor pictures, not that I actually will take action in doing anything with my room. Since I have this mindset that I actually will move out soon (really I want too, can’t I grow money on a tree, pretty please?)

The colors ❤
I saw some nice decor pics using Suitcases, give you the vintage feel and is super stylish.

How cute ain’t this, putting your books in the suitcase.

Ha ha, talk about take it to a new level.

Flower Suitcase

Here is a guide to how to make your own flower suitcase

Pretty Awesome Huh! I am going to a vintage store to look for a suitcase 😛 Check: http://psheart.blogspot.ca for more DIY!

Wow! I like this room! Easy peasy to find cloths or what! Looks like a clothing store (?)

The wall is a bit to much, but I like this one too.

Let’s end this post with a cake.

I like to have one of those pretty cakes one day. haha



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