I had my last day at the Interactive Institute yesterday, spent three months over there doing my internship. Can’t believe that three months passed so quickly. I know my friends are still wondering what I actually did there. Some have asked me several of times already. I just assume that they don’t quite get what I did. To be honest, I did so many things, I can’t really put a title on what I exactly did there, because you get to try so many different things. In short, my main project was to come up and plan for this social media application that will enhance people living in diasporas and raise awareness of cultural differences. Even shorter summary: Social Media Application (just concept stage, no programming) for personal cultural heritage. So I have been working with the project description to get financial support from EU. But yesterday I had to hand over everything to the new guy that will take over, it’s a little ohmaigad, I spent so much time for this application concept and writing the proposal for this project I felt a little dis-hearted to leave it like that. At least I can lick my wounds with that the new guy actually understood the idea for this project, not being introduced to the project prior at all. Writing description for web-based application or any technical services is very complicated, you have tons of ideas, one function can actually include multiply of functions that makes it very hard to make a concrete description (thank god for pictures).

Anyway, bye-bye my dear desk, hopefully I see you again.

Varför ska det vara så svårt att hitta ett normalt jobb? I want some fun, chic and modern working place, with tones of nice people, doing some amazing stuff everyday, tons of meetings abroad (:P), fashion, social media, media, PS all the day long.

Okay, done with the daydreaming for today I guess, back being the well-dressed “hobo” looking for jobs again. Sometimes I get mad thinking; “they should regret not hiring me, cuz I am a damn good worker”. HA HA HA, on top of that I am f-u-n! (self-praising, that should be a good quality too, self-praising without being arrogant höhöhö….)

Favorite tea I discovered there! Indian Spice from Lipton, so nice ❤ with milk and cane suger.

Actually, maybe I shouldn’t post this, M (that guy that hired me for the internship) told me, if I was to hire you for real, I would have googled you first, and when I think about it, I expose myself way to much on the internet.


Edit: Okay I posted this anyway


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