I was just checking my draft box, and I found this post, I wrote ages ago, but never finished nor posted. Apparently I was kind of annoyed with the Taiwanese drama “Office Girl”. –>

So here is the deal with dramas from Asia. But mostly this applies to Korean and Taiwanese dramas. It always gets DRAGGY towards the end!!! (Well in my case, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, actually I don’t watch Hong Kong or Japanese dramas anymore, I just wanted to include it here on my short Asia country list.)

So I am just watching (listening to) Office girls as I write, and I just got the urge to write a blog post about this matter. WHY da hell is it soooo damn boring. It’s always like this with dramas, and the most annoying thing is, it says it’s 20 episodes, but here I am watching episode 24 and it’s still going! WHYYYY, CAN THIS DRAMA JUST END! Now you probably will go like…why are you still watching it if it’s that bad…just ssh.

Towards the end it’s always the same story….mom/dad/brother/sister/relative/one of the main character gets sick…like deadly sick, sometimes they actually die, but most of the time they don’t, and I rather they not die, since I am the cry baby that I am, and I like Happy endings. These last episodes are so much back and forth it drives me crazy.

So during these last episodes (if it’s ending at all) Office Girls conversation have been like this between the main characters: thank you, I am sorry, thank you, I am sorry, thank you, I am sorry, LIKE:…………………what? And then they are hugging like for a damn WHOLE minute, and you are not even feeling it.

Hahaha yeah, I think I am just getting tired of the dramas, the clichés for now. But then again, I have gone back to TVB dramas again HAHA I know, back to where I started. But I must say that TVB don’t have many actors and actresses anymore, I see the same person acting in two dramas that airs right after each other. I watch it mostly because my mom is watching, so when I am being lazy in the living room, I just watch lol After watching tons of Korean dramas, you know how important the music, OST is for the flow in the drama. TVB should really learn from that. They just use ONE (if you are lucky two) song throughout a whole drama. TVB just play the same song over and over again, in unfitting places. Music really does a lot to engage the viewer. So yesterday I was watching this Bosco and Linda drama (what’s the name? insecurity?). And it was a dramatic scene, “action/running to the hospital scene”, and the played Linda’s theme song, like HELLO, that song is TOTALLY not very dramatic, it is like a sad song. They put that song if she is about to die on the spot, and everyone knows she’s not going. I know TVB is promoting their artist and their songs, but for Buddha’s sake, less is more.

So I haven’t watched much since I did Marathon on King2Hearts, and I was just checking Dramacrazy for anything new to watch, and stumbled upon “Rich Man, Poor Woman”, a Japanese drama with Oguri Shun, I like him, I know some of my friends don’t (he is charming). I got totally hooked! The first episode, Hooked! Want to watch more…..but have to wait! This is why I don’t watch ongoing dramas anymore, First of all, since all the storylines is pretty much the same, I just fast-forward a whole lot, so one episode can sometimes take 5 min to watch lol, Haha and my very own strategy is, start watching from the second half of the drama if it seems interesting but not interesting enough to watch from the beginning OR watch the first few episodes, and then the end. Okay anyway, “Rich Man, Poor Woman” is about:

“29-year-old Toru Hinata (Shun Oguri) is a wealthy man. He first started to run an internet website from his small room and his hobby began to make Toru Hinata a lot of money. Nowadays, he doesn’t like to socialize and if he somebody comes to him he suspects that they may want his money. Chihiro Sawaki (Satomi Ishihara) attends a job far and by an unexpected occurrence begins to work for Toru Hinata. Chihiro Sawaki soon realizes that Toru Hinata isn’t so bad. There’s pureness in him and also a good deal of loneliness. She also begins to have feelings for him”

First of all, the title of the drama = HA HA HA, one comment I read about the drama name was “The cliché has finally become an official title of a drama now? :o” true story. But I got interested enough to watch the first episode, and liked it after, 5 minutes. I don’t know if it is the fact that they work in that sort of company I dream of working in (New Innovation company, super high-tech, cool atmosphere, nice people, Technology! good looking boss :P) or the fact that it is actually a good drama, but I did got my mind blown away by the end of the first episode, FIRST EPISODE, usually in Korean or Taiwanese drama it happens, like what, in the 12th episode or something. I love the fact this drama is so straight forward! But let’s see how everything evolves later on. Another good fact about Japanese drama, they are short in terms of episodes. Usually I think it is 13 episodes? PERFECT, I hate super long dramas (once again, that’s why they are draggy).

Oguri Shun with Big Bang Seungri 😛


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