So last week our Oppa was here from Spain visiting us, he was trying hard to get me visiting him and Hang in Finland, but broke as I am, I refused, so he decided to come to visit us here in Sweden instead, haha good for him! since, he liked Stockholm better than Helsinki (wohooo!)

So JJ drove us around in Town, since it was the easter weekend, it was kind of dead around town.

We took him to visit City Hall, Old Town, the Castle, Djurgården, and that was it! haha we had no place to go. So boring being a tourist in Stockholm.

The first place we took him was to IKEA…haha cause we were hungry, he wasn’t really hungry, but we were, he have this Spanish time schedule , eating super late xD


I was so not impressed by their meatballs…………it didn’t taste anything! Did it even taste meat?!!?!


Easter Egg from ma maaan Hang! haha Kinder ägg! with toys hahah Oh how I loved it as a kid. The chocolate is yummy too, not that I really appreciated it when i was young, I just wanted the toy.


Stockholm is pretty =)


Me and My Secret Lover having our romantic date. I’ve missed it haha How I miss our late night adventures in Korea xD she was the only one willing to go with me 😛

After a “whole” day touring around town, we hanged out in JJ’s place, just catching up with Oppa, and cooking Korean food, we usually have Korean BBQ at her place, and today was no exception haha, but we (read JJ) also made Jjimdak (I think it is the name for the dish), a Chicken stew, Soooo delicious, me and JJ was obsessed with this dish while we were in Korea. Vinni got so tired of it, so by the end of the semester, she never went with us whenever we had this dish Haha


Oppa was sleeping while we were preparing the food (his Sieasta! haha but he and the Finnish girl went for party the night before, so he was really tired).

Talking about Parties, I haven’t been on a party for a really long time, so I decided to go to this years FR easter party in Stockholm. Packed with people. And the played Big Bang – Fantastic Baby, The Peeerfect party song! and GD&TOP, best party music evaaa, keke

T treated me to my favorite drink, Baileys and Milk! Oh How I miss Hang every time I drink this! and Ho Bar hahahahaImage

All pics are iPhone quality, since I am to lazy to bring out the camera these days.



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