These days i am just eating and gaining weight. That’s my occupation right now. Yesterday I went to the Chinese store to pick up a few things. And I couldn’t resist to buy this taro mochi. I like all sort of rice cake. In general, I just love eating rice haha if I don’t eat rice for a few day I will literally crave rice, who have cravings for rice? That’s just weird. (of course I am craving different rice dishes, not like I am just eating plain rice lol)


These are from sun moon lake mochi, and they didn’t taste that good….at all. They weren’t soft and sticky like it should be. But I guess that is to much to ask for. Who knows how long it has been in that store.
I should go to the Japanese market instead next time, they make their own and I like them xD but Vinni also promised to make some this Saturday keke

Gosh I like some mochi ice cream right now!

I wonder why I never ate any while I was in Japan. What a shame.




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