Today I hanged out with my beautiful sis T. It was such a nice spring day today. The spring is the best of the best season in Stockholm. Though the price we pay for this is a long, dark and cold winter.

We wanted to enjoy this weather by taking a walk around town. During this walk we had sort of a emotional roller coaster experience haha, we were excited, angry, disappointed, had our hopes high and had our hopes crash, nerve wrecking moments, disappointment once again, etc. haha

So we bought bubble tea and ice cream to comfort ourselves haha
Can’t believe we found a place to drink bubble tea in town. We passed this sushi restaurant and we saw a picture of bubble tea! Gaah! I forgot to take a photo of it but the restaurant is called “Sushi house” and is located in drottninggatan 8. It cost 29 kr. The cup was really small, the chewy bubble thing was a bit…. Erm plastic, haha that’s how T described it and I sort of agree. But the tea was pretty tasty. But another thing is… Bubble tea is often served cold! But this was hot, I never tried it hot lol I prefer it as a cold drink.

We tried Ben and Jerry’s oh my apple pie! Ice cream. It was so-so, I wouldn’t buy it again. It tasted like eating apple pie with vanilla ice cream, but I prefer eating a real apple pie with ice cream.



Oh and I got a souvenir from T from he trip to Singapore/ Malaysia! Thanks! It’s super cute and I love the turquoise color! ❤ it's a handbag hanger keyring. Thanks alot ❤




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