So if you’ve tried the popular smoothie king in Korea ( or America or wherever it’s from) and you are dying to have some here in Sweden, then I would recommend naked juice bar. They are both sooo good. But I can’t say much about smoothie king, cause I only went there for like 3 times or so.


They use these fresh berries and fruit mixed with yoghurt and juice and on top of that they add these extra supplementary things such as protein an they have stuff like defense kick,energy kick,slim kick and so on. Definitely worth trying.

I tried the acai berry, and my friend tried the orange juice one. ( I think the orange juice tasted better xP)



2 thoughts on “Naked juice bar

    • Det kostar typ 30 kr (+), prova smoothie King i Korea då. Det finns en annan juice bar som är super god nära campuset, minns ej vad den hette. Men där har de sådär goda juicer! Pinapple Juice. Men du kanske ska testa den när det blir varmare, då det är blandat med is xD

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