I have been Christmas shopping this weekend. Gosh the reason I am broke is because around 80% of the gifts I’ve bought during this month when I was suppose to buy gifts I ended up bags after bags for myself.


After all the shopping we’v done (or T has done), we went for some Coffee and food in NKs Coffeshop.

T holding the gifts we bought for each other haha, we have been really generous to each other this year. We buy gift for “each other” (= ourselves) all the time.


The gifts always ends up on the floor, even the gifts for myself is still in the bags lol That’s why my room looks so damn messy these days…(well actually it always looks sort of messy)


I bought this small dkny bag for my mom, she is having her birthday on Lucia. Hope she likes it. Atleast I do, I can take it if she don’t want it haha Simple and actually okay big to put everything necessary. I tend to buy to small bags for myself, that doesn’t fit my big wallet, but this will sure fit the big wallet, camera, some make up or whatever.(Price; around 1300 SEK)


Here is the forget your boyfriend heels from Nelly, like omg so hot but OMG so uncomfortable!!! I bought the size 37 which I usually wear, but it’s too small for me, and apparently its also sold out on the website so I can’t switch it with a bigger size. Dilemma, should I return them or not? So pretty :S


By the way, this is the gift me and T bought for each other:

Linea Cross over from Bianco

So cute! Ribbon bag (ONLY 150 SEK! super cheap, there is also a black one, on first glance, I like the black more, but it gets all the fingerprints as soon as you touch it, so we both decided on the blue one.)

Also the shoes was also one of the “gifts” me and T bought for each other, hhaha for sure we’ve been generous this year.



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