So I told Tiff to put up her Christmas wishlist on her blog, and we made an agreement that I will do that as well.

I want stuff that is impossible to buy anyway, they are all out of question due to the high price.

But here is some stuff I’ve been eyeing on:

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet, Since I already have a charm which I wear as a necklace, I want to use it as a bracelet. Actually I am not much of a necklace person, once I wear a necklace, I basically don’t change for months xD

Charms from Thomas Sabo, since I already have a charm holder from Thomas Sabo, here is some charms that I want:

A bag from Asos (To be honest, this is just one of 1000 bags that I actually want, how about LV speedy bag, Mulberry, Marc by Marc Jocobs, Alexander Wang, Chloé, Dior, Chanel etc etc. The list is to long to continue) Hehe, but this bag is cute! And I know Tiff Have been looking at the pink one xD

Phone Clutch from Urban Outfitters
Chocolate Brown

Or Black Glitter (this one is not black, but I think I saw a black one in the store)

I am a Juicy Couture Lover xD I just fell in Love with these Bracelets, it’s so cute! but a bit pricey, I put these for your pleasure to look and a reminder for myself to buy later. I mean actually is not THAT pricey if you buy it from America, but since the shipping cost is high as well as the taxes when it reach here, It’s not really worth it. I need more American friends.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Latin Rings (Hard to find I think), with the imprint “Truth Enlightens”

A transparent World Globe (cool), but maybe bigger. Actually I just randomly found this pic, so I am not even sure where to get this xD

Bag from Accessorize – not quite sure if I really want it. haha

Ring from Accessorize

Also from Accessorize, but I want to brown one, with hearts on top xD

Handwarmer!! I hate the cold, so I hope these will keep my hands warm during winter, but I am not sure for how long it will keep me warm, 30 min? 1 hour?

Mac Lipstick #PLINK!

YSL Lipsticks #Peach Passion

#Nude Beige

Bags – These are from Zipia, so it might be hard to find (so sad, I likeeee) Jing if you read this, please get me from China, hahahaha:

and I “accidentally” visited Lovcat, just because it suddenly popped out in my mind. and i regret visiting of course…..

Stuff that I do not have a picture of:
A Big, Warm and Cozy Scarf (halsduk) for winter, Rings, more cloths?(i didn’t have time to check actually) more shoes? haha.

But whatever, get me whatever that suits you hahaha



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