Me, Tiff, Lisan and TL went to Attitude Stockholm’s Fashion fair in Kista Mässan today.
We arrived around 10 am (super early for a Sunday, haha) to get the goodie bag.
The content of the goodie bag wasn’t that impressive, just a bunch of commercial stuff, a pen, few samples and nail stickers (Tiff and TL got an eyeshadow though), and the chance to get a real diamond. Everybody gets a “diamond” in their goodie bag, but only 8 lucky winners receive the real thing. At first glance I could see that mine was fake. But we went to the jewelry booth anyway to see if it was fake or not. Indeed, as we suspected, all four of us received a fake diamond. xD TOO BAD!

These guys were very eager themselves to find the real diamond haha

Happy Tiff with the goodie bag

I loved this wall of Magazine covers! I luuuuv it! Love Magazine photoshoots.

Me and Lisan – I want the giant nailpolish!!

Måste tillägga att Lisan vann under “julklappsregnet”, det vill säga utlottning av Julklappar! Hon vann en hudbehandling (eller var det två) på Stureplanskliniken! hur bra som helst!!!!!

Lars Wallin’s “booth” – looking good.

The Fashion Show, Cloths from Lars Wallin, Fokiwa,Kenzas cloths (Jofoama or something like that…) etc. and theeeee awesome shoes from Henry Kole. Love their shoes.

Just a few pictures from the Fashion Show.
Here is two videos I filmed during the fashion show. They end rather abruptly xD Sorry for that.

Beyond Retro


There is one more video, but it is talking forever to upload, so I am not sure if it’s working.



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