I am so depressed, with christmas and new year, comes the time when i am the most broke, really, I know I am sort of working now, and i earn much more money than I had when I was studying, but I am really trying to save now, since I came back from my studies in Korea, I had nothing in my saving account anymore, and it didn’t feel so good.

And now it’s christmas once again, and I have already been cutting down the christmas gift list. Only buying for two friends, my bros and mother (also my mother is having her birthday soon, we never really celebrate birthdays, like a cake, but I guess she will be expecting some sort of birthday gift from ME because I am the oldest and I am “sort” of working).

But damn, my friends have been asking me for restaurant visits these days, and I’ve spend so much money eating outside, and it seems like I can never turn down an offer. Now I feel so bad. On top of that, I’ve been gaining weight again. OMG! since it’s cold and dark, I don’t go out for the usual walks I do. damn, I hate my life right now. Money problem, Job problem, health (or weight) problem.

I eat so much sweet things when I am in Sweden, chocolate, cookies, Ice Cream, Candy, you name it. But in Asia, I don’t eat it much at all, only Ice Cream.


I don’t know what this is…but it looks cute (it is some sort of pastry, it’s doesn’t even look tasty), but it’s cute xD a la Japanese style.




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