Just saw 2NE1’s PV for “I am the Best”, actually, I don’t really like the song, but watching YG’s music videos always open your eyes for the coolest (or weirdest style/stuff) ever.

Just check out this Bubble Chair! It’s so Stylish and Cool, I don’t even know if it’s possible to buy it!

CL with Horn on her Jacket, I swear, 2NE1 have this weird badass gangstah style that only they can make it look cool with their music video.

The last few years of YG’s music video have been awesome and great, it’s usually very clean and the video editing and all is very well made, very artistic. Well except for Tablo’s Tomorrow MV, the concept was boring, it looked like a boring copy of Big Bangs other desert concept music video, but less cool this time. It was just…boring (I LOVE the song though! Tablo Jjang!).

While I am it, with the badass style, these heels are totally badass!

Yeah, do you see what I see, Yeah Red Sole……I don’t even wanna know the price.



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