Yesterday was quite a busy day, first me and Nathalie visited Vinni’s cafe in Hökarängen called “Café Amanda” (but the real name is actually Café Vinni, haha). Really cozy and have this homy atmosphere. Her parents was there and also her sister that was busy doing the Christmas decorations. We stayed there for most of the midmorning and then took our leave for the fashion show called royal retromatic in livrustkammaren close to the castle in town. Nathalie’s friends was walking the “runway” so she also invited us to join her to the fashion show. The cloths is inspired by the royal vintage exhibition. I loved it! And it was my first time visiting livrustkammaren so we spent some time there checking the rest is the exhibition.




They gave us ADORABLE small cupcakes that was perfectly made. Really, so delicious and sweet.



These are the photoshot they made for the collection. Really great photographs, I love everything fairytale like with a pinch of the darkside.



This was my favorite dress from the show, really talented designer that made all her cloths by hand in Lava på Kulturhuset in Stockholm.


Haha the guard coming toward us with big fiercely steps to tell us the they are closing for the day xD

I wish to go for a real fashion show sometime in the near future.

Today is lazy Sunday, I am watching the Taiwanese drama office girl, this male main character is damn hot and sweet and all in all it’s a funny show. I see comments like “I really miss his black long hair, he was so fierce”. Come on!!! I like this short hair much better and he still looks fierce! Okay that was all. These kind of drama makes me dream of guys that is awesomely sweet and on top of that is damn hot and rich. Only in my dream, dreams!!



5 thoughts on “Royal Retromatic at Livrustkammaren

    • Hiii!! No thank you for a wonderful fashion show!
      haha you are right! it was a real fashion show, What am I saying!! haha this was my first time, and I just had this picture of a “traditional” fashion show I see on TV. But this walking path was really awesome! Hope to see more of your creation in the future!!!!! you are really talented!


  1. Hihi det bästa är att hon inte vet om att han är rik XD det kommer bli en big surpise! Men ja, I told yooouuu! Bra att du började kolla serien 🙂 Sweet dreams och dröm om Roy nu tihiii

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