So on friday me and Vinni took the cruise Viking Line to Helsinki. It takes around 16 hours or so, we spent our time on that boring boat watching movies and eat xD haha we brought with us Noodles, tea and other sweets, and went to the taxfree store to buy alot of candies and chocolate XD

The reason why we did it, was because we missed our friend so muuuchoooo, Hang! and the other finnish girls we met in Korea during our exchange studies. Also Duckie and Jiwoo is now in Finland doing their exchange program. So we decided to visit them all.

We arrived around 10 am, and when we came out we saw Hang and Duckie waiting for us, haha the sleepyhead Jiwoo sshi overslept and was at the dorm cooking for us with his hangover haha suits him right 😛

We took the bus to downtown, their paying system is similar to the one I saw in Gothenburg.

Hang told us to look natural, haha and it reminds me of one of the pic in Korea when I ask Jing Jing and Vinni to look natural as well, and all they could do was laugh, now I know…it’s hard, so awkward xD

The plan was like this, first we go to Jiwoos dorm and eat (they promised us alot of Korean food, keke), Hanna and Irina was joining us there, and then Päivi is going to meet us up in downtown again later.
So we arrived to Jiwoo’s dorm. Their dorm is so big (compared to ours in Korea)

Me and Vinni bought a bottle of Baileys to reminisce the time in Korea. Me and Hang was totally obsessed with this drink, Bailey and milk, haha we drank it all the time in Ho Bar, hahahha good memories good memories. It’s so easy and SOOOO good, just mix Baileys and Milk, and YUMMMYYYYYY <3<3<3

We had a little toast before the meal, keke Duckie was working hard in the Kitchen and Jiwoo was just walking and sitting and complaining about this hangover

Here is the FOOD! Good work guys! it was really good. The Kimchi Jiggae was really spicy though xD but everything tasted really good!

Me and Hanna-Mari, I brought with me one of her obsession, OREO, haha she was really happy.

After the food we went to downtown again, haha because we only had around 6 hours in Helsinki, Hang planned everything in detail xD
We took some pictures around this beautiful church

They forced me and Vinni to take this picture….>_> so ugly LOL

we all went for Ice Cream later in a place called Ciao Gelato. Me and Hang tried the Apple Pie with Choco Chili ice cream….I wouldn’t recommend this flavor though, my throat didn’t feel that comfortable afterwards(we really missed Baskin Robbin there haha)

Just ending this post with a random beggar….or whatever he was. haha at least he has the money to buy a phone and pay his bills.

Loads of Love //S


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