Siri was quite anticipated from the Iphone 4S, or maybe I should say Iphone 5, because nobody wanted an Iphone 4S, all they talked about was the upcoming Iphone 5, and I was not surprised at all when they introduced the Iphone 4S, just like the third generation.
Functions like Siri already existed for the Android market, which my brother “nicely” revealed, and his way of implying that Apple is not all the special. Whatever, He hates Apple, I can tell. They are overrated. Indeed, i agree. BUT you can’t turn down their sleek design and awesome features and functions. For technology is all about forgiveness, because no technology is flawless, and forgiveness is achieved; “[…]when design minimise the occurrence and consequences of errors, and a basic guidelines for improving forgiveness are; use good affordance and constraints (e.g., controls that can only be used the correct way) to prevent errors from occurring; […]* with the Iphone I’ve forgiven for its mistakes (like when it freezes on me! ), haha with my LG, I wanted to pulverise it and then put it in the fire and watch it burn till it becomes aches (make no sense, but yeah…anyway).

BACK TO POINT, hehe, i saw these funny pictures of what Siri can reply you with, haha

*from the book: Universal Principles of Design by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler (what a funny lastname…butler…, anyway, I like this design book!)



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