I’ve been lecturing my younger brother because he is always playing video games at home instead of being more social and hang out with his friends (if he have any! well apprently he do, but he hangs out with them online or they go to a PC room to play together, what da hell, ultimate nerd or what, he looks like one too, poor thing, but he just don’t give a €%&/&%), I have been trying to save him, but he just brush me off. Stupid Kid.

So he had been trying for years (months, I don’t know, feels like years) to convince me that it’s sort of “cool” to play, I mean it’s okay to play, but you are €%&€&€& addicted, and plays away all the free time he has. He’s been saying like Starcraft is from Korea, all the champions is there, bla bla, cool people plays, blaaaa blaaa, they go out with super models, to play starcraft is cool in korea, everybody plays there. BLA BLA BLA! I am like fuck no, the fact that you are trying to convince me that it is cool proves that it’s not. So desperate.

And today he came in to my room and said, I have to show you a picture.

Junsu from DBSK with a bunch of Starcraft champions or whatever. for one, never thought Junsu was cool, haha

Maybe it’s mad cool to play all day long and all night long(how should I know, I could care less), but to me, with his hobo style, pimple face, damn messy hair and glasses playing starcraft is, Sorry to say…uncool!

The word cool and the meaning of cool, is very uncool too.
I don’t know what I am saying anymore……



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