Today I did a small shopping! it was quick as hell since I had to get back before 14:00. And What a wonderful sunday!! <3<3<3 First I took the trip to Kista Galleria to buy my SUPER DUPER cozy pläd filt haha sorry for mixing my swedish, but I don’t know the world, and don’t care. Because my room is super cold, i bought this one which I have had my eye on since the beginning of this month, and finally decided to buy it, and I ❤ it of course. So cozy to have it during winter.

bad quality as always taken with the phone.

then I took the subway quick as hell to Hötorget and took a walk to Östermalms Åhlens, the weather was ❤ anyway, and just right and the sun was good as hell too.

(filten från Hemtex kostade 399kr, super mysig.)

Then I bought my dkny bag, i wanted it in another colour, but they only had this color left, and Pink I guess is okay for me, haha with my discount and giftcard I only needed to pay 29kr for a dkny bag, the original price was like 995 or something, hahaha how crazy ain’t that.

Pink DKNY bag

I was so happy walking out of the store that I really wanted to laugh out loud, even the sales lady thought it was ridiculously cheap.

In my happy mood I saw this colourful bicycle stand. hehe



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