Our Phone is with us ALL the time! Even in the bathroom, mine too for that matter. haha but i don’t call people or so, I just play games or surf. One of my friend said that she hated her boyfriends Iphone because he had it with him everywhere all the time and bring it to the bathroom and stay there for 30 mins because he is playing games. (well I don’t do that, when my business is done, i just get out of there)

So today, my colleague went to the bathroom, and her phone was in her cardigan pocket. And she accidently (well obviously) dropped her phone in the toilet. Haha I really hope it was after she flushed. Anyway, she came to me all panicky and asked me what she should do. I gave her the advice to let it dry of course. She shouldn’t turn it on if it’s still wet inside the phone. But of course she ignored my advice and anxiously turned it on anyway.

And it went on, BUT it didn’t work properly. So she was worried for the rest of the workdat, and even left work 30 mins early to get it fixed. Her phone is really her EVERYTHING, she talks on the phone during worktime too. Which is annoying from time to time.

But these kind of accidents happens quite a lot, my other friend also dropped her phone in the toilet because she had her phone in her back pocket of her jeans, luckily after it dried it still worked fine. Another friend had his Ipod beside the tap and accidently push it and down flew the Ipod. lol Poor guy. He had to buy a new one.

So I am actually always afraid I will drop my phone in the toilet, since I bring it with me to the bathroom all the time, and I put it beside the tap when i am washing my hands…..DANGEROUS!!!

This video is quite inspiring xD We need to learn from this. 😛


EDIT (Tillägg)

My friend just updated that she dropped her USB in her soup. People, Technology and Liquid don’t go well together. Haha



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