Can you feel the luuuuv?! One is playing and the other is tweeting or something. Lol
Is it High Tech, or just Nerdy? Dagens I-land problem!

Asians have a special relationship (or obsession) towards their Tech Gadgets. South Koreans loves digital technologies. The last I checked there are 93 mobile phones in use per 100 people, which is also one of the highest rates in the world, with many people owning more than one phone. Also with major Korean phone company like Samsung and LG the market is relatively uncompetitive. I guess asians change phones like they change cloths. Lol As far as I know, if you are bound to a contract for a phone for at least one year you get the phone for free. So after one year you can pretty much just change your phone. Easy Peasy there (well not easy for foreigner in Korea though, to be a foreigner and get a phone in Korea is really pain in da ass). Also I’ve realized that Korean phones are the best for self-cam. We all know the asians love for self-cam (myself included haha no lies here). Haha when you Google “Self cam” 99.9 % of the pictures is of asians taking self-came (mostly calebs).

I just took a random pic now….The doggy is CUTE! ❤ Rain also…but the dog is cuter!

In Hong Kong, when Nintendo DS and PSP was the shit, I always saw people playing on the subway, waiting for the subway, on the bus, waiting for the bus. Age, Occupation and Gender didn’t matter. They all played! Not only kiddos, i am talking about grown up men in their professional suit or whatever with their suitcase sitting on the bench playing.



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