It’s always funny to watch shows with Korean celebrities talking in english. Watching these kind of shows really reminds me of my time in Korea. Haha I mean if they have alot of anything, it’s english teachers and yet I don’t feel like their english is improving. If you are a native english speaker, english teacher is probably the fastest ticket to get a job in Korea. I know, since I’ve tried looking for jobs in Korea, and 90% is to become an english teacher. But (kravet) is that you have to be a native speaker.

One thing that Koreans tells you alot is “My english is very bad” or “my english is not good” that is probably the first thing they will say to you.

Another thing that got my attention while looking at these shows is, when we ask a question with negation like “don’t you like it?” then they will reply with “Yes, I don’t like it” which is confusing.

let me give an example that got me in a misunderstanding. After I got back from Jeju Island I rushed to class directly after getting back to the dorm. And when I arrived to the class there was nobody there. I waited for 5 minutes, and then texted my classmate: “Don’t we have class today?” and he replied with “Yes”, because he was busy watching 4Minutes concert in school he replied very short.

When he said Yes, i thought that we HAD class, but he meant “Yes, we don’t have class”. So I stayed there for awhile, I called him like 3 times and texted him, “why is nobody in class?!?!”. So in the end i left. 40 minutes after he replied “Sorry, we don’t have class today, I was watching 4Minutes”. Lol

This was the show I was watching by the way, Beast Idol Maid Episode 11.



2 thoughts on “Koreans and their English

    • It’s mandatory in high school, also the University I studied they have to atleast have one english course which is “Practical English”, and it’s super easy,

      But the english teacher I was talking about is private teachers, they have alot of private tutoring, or english “class” sort of thing outside your university studies or school,which you have to pay for.

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