Sometimes I hate Tumblr and WeHeartIt, WHY, because I always find things I don’t know where to get. They always have pretty stuff that I want, but there is no source on where do get those stuff. Very Annoying. (But the pics are awesome of course)

And i really feel like having one of these 😛 someone tell me where I can get one.

Most probably when I know where to get them….I don’t want one…or they are super expensive…or I buy one and never use it….I dunno, who cares, right now I want one.

If you know where to buy it……tell me….

also, very into this one, ignore the Hello Kitty sunglasses please, I don’t want one of those.:

Iphone Pro style. haha this one is more stylish, the other one was cute. I like both.

Okay So While I was searching for this mighty fine looking iphone pro style case I realized it’s a little different from regular case. This silver case, is just a back case. Which means you have to screw up and replace the existing one. Like picture below:

It doesn’t look that complicated, but…it’s still scary to do that. The good point is….if your back case cracks (since the iphone glas cracks pretty easy), No problem, Go buy one of these back case on Ebay, and problem solved! and while you are at it, buy a nice color or a pretty one. =)

Check this guys phone out, a guy dropped his phone while he was parachuting and this is the result after 4100 meter. And the phone still worked, the only thing that needed to be saved was the glas. Impressive.

Also reminds me of my old classmates sisters phone. She had it on the blanket while she was sleeping, and at one point it became to hot for her and she kicked off the blanket and out flew the phone and into the wall, cracked like hell too.



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