Okay, some week ago JJ asked me about the pics from Thailand. So I just took some random pictures from the trip. So during this one week I was there, I spend 3 days in Pattaya, 2 days in bangkok and 2 days in Kan Jana Bub ri (vem kommer ihåg sånna namn alltså, skrev upp den på mobilen haha)

This was really good! we ate it the first day in Pattaya ❤

This is the beach that was one minute from our hotel, super close and super cozy.

this is from Kan Jana Bub Ri, haha elephant ride, it was kind of scary, I have a funny videoclip of my cousin sort of screaming haha and the guy that was leading the elephant was funny, he was from Nema. He toke like 100 pics with my camera screaming BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY all the time. haha

scary fish…

The story of the Durian. The Durian is famous in Thailand, and my cousin have the impression of that all thai people must love it, haha but they don’t. Either way she loves it, and she knows very well that she can not bring it to the hotel, but we did anyway. On our way home we wanted to get some massage from “let’s relax”, which is quite famous. So when we went in there and sat us down with all our bags and they started to massage us, my cousins masseur suddenly went out, and when she came in again she brought with her the manager i think and they asked us if we had Durian with us, haha we were like…”yeeeah….”, “okay we need to take it outside” the manager said to us. hahahha so damn embarrassing!
After the massage we went out from the room, and DAMN i could already smell it! they sort of gave back the bag with disgust. When we went back to the hotel we literally RAN back to the elevator, and we had to take the backdoor. The funny thing is, there is people opening the door for you, so I had to go in first, press for the elevator and when the elevator arrived, my cousin ran in to the elevator. Hahahhaha so damn funny, and she ate it in the balcony, and she enjoyed it 100 %.

Tom Yang gong – I guess this is traditional thai food? either way, it’s famous these, and my cousin ate it almost the 3 first day we where there, like Tom Yang gong noddle, tom yang gong rice or whatever, and she didn’t even like it. I told her to stop ordering it just because we were in Thailand. Haha (I really didn’t like it)

Oh my dear flip flop that I had to throw away…I have a funny story about this one….on the day back to Hong Kong, we were SUPER SUPER SUPER stressed, we thought that we would miss our flight. So I didn’t have time to change my flip flop to my other shoes. And that was BIIIIG FAT misstake. Cuz just when we finally checked in, and send our stuff I ran to the bathroom (cuz we were in the car for 3 hours or so) and my flip flop broke! disaster! and there was no shoes to buy! and we didn’t even have time. Anyway, I had to go up to the flight with one flip flop. In the beginning I was pretending that my foot was hurt. but it was to tiresome, I just toke off the broken flip flop and walked barefoot. I didn’t even care anymore.

Pattaya Taxi Dot dot

My cousin ate this EVERY day…really i dunno why, it’s good, but not THAT GOOD.



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