Heartstring/You’ve Fallen for me have aired its last episode. So sad, there is nothing to watch anymore lol

Sexy Yonghwa

Pretty Lady Park Shin Hye (damn she is pretty)

I think this is so far the most random post ever. Because I just watched the last episode, okay! The Soundtrack is <3!

The last kiss was the most awkward ever by the way haha

Because I am a little biased, I can't really give a good review, because I just simply love the actors and actresses and the music in these kind of drama. I love it, but I don't know, the storyline might suck for you.

I just have to add this picture here:

Goguma Couple had their reunion in Niigata concert! They sang their banmal song haha ❤ it, but it was also a little awkward…especially in the ending when Seohyun bowed to him…I think it looked kind of weird. But they are cute as always. And They sang pretty well, maybe except when they were singing the high notes…their voices didn't blend that well with each other.


PS: The pictures are from Tumblr…I don't know who though


3 thoughts on “Heartstring

  1. Thanks for your post. I do like the pictures of Jung Yong Hwa
    He’s so handsome and cute. ^^
    Still, they’re perfect couple in Heartstring..
    Love them so much 😀

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