Okay, So I have been hanging in Korea. So what are Korea famous for…except from plastic surgery, there is also cheap and good make-up, hurray!

So here is some stuff in bought in Korea, some in Hong Kong (please notice, this is only part one! even though I am not sure when part 2 is coming since I sent alot of stuff by ship, I am sure it’s coming one day, hehe)

Okay, the quality of this pic ain’t the best. But I will focus on some of these products.

1. Neutrogena -Body Mist Sunblock SPF 70
– Haha So all my friends have been telling me I am crazy for using SPF 70, they even complained when I used SPF 50. I don’t want to get sun tanned, but in reality these kind of sunblock doesn’t prevent my skin from getting tanned, just not burned. But yeah, I am still using it! haha I have used Neutrogena sunblock before, and this one compared to the old one is better in many way, it really doesn’t feel sticky at all, and it doesn’t smell strongly or weird. compared to their old one, my brother always complained. But another thing; when using sunblock I heard that you need to spray again after around 3 hours. Which I never do. Why would I bring a big bag with me because of this spray? It’s kind of big πŸ˜›

2. Bed Head – Small Talk 3-in-1
– This product is suppose to; Thickifier, Energizer, Stylizer. I used this once when I went to cut my hair in BjΓΆrn Axen, and they told me it protects the hair from the heat from the hair blower, and it smelled so nice and made my hair really soft.

3. Skin Food – Lychee Essence Mist – To turn damaged hair into silky , smooth and moist hair.
– Smells good haha, I don’t know if it helps damaged hair, but we can always hope πŸ˜›

4. Circle Lenses – 2 Neo and 2 Geo
– Of course I had to buy some circle lenses while I was in Korea, they together with Japan are really famous for these. Yeah i look better with these. I’ve tried different cons while I was in Korea, because JJ also use and she gave me hers to try, she prefers one day cons, while I bought 6 months cons. Geo cons seems to be the most popular in Korea. But somehow…i prefer Neo xD

5. URIAGE lip balm
– This Lip balm cost me around 30 000 won…which is pretty expensive, it’s pretty good, but I don’t know if it’s really worth that much.

6. Holika Holika lip tint
– I actually have two of these, one in a darker colour, i really like this one, it gives a menthol feel haha and the colour is nice.

7. Nature Republic – Mango Bebe lip concealer
– This is a lip concealer, and I really like this one, it smells nice and gives the lips a moisture feel. Alot of lip concealer I’ve tried dries out my lips, but this one doesn’t. Really nice. But usually I am too lazy to use this one.

8. Etude House – Miss Tangerine Veiling Powder
– I don’t know exactly what this is…haha but it give the skin a nice matte and smooth look. Feels smooth too.

9. Missha – M Shimmer Wave Blusher
– This is the one that was crushed before, i liked it so I had to buy a new one. πŸ˜›

10. Dior Snow Powder
– I bought this one on Duty Free in Korea, and it has 20 SPF, so it’s really good during summer. It’s a tad bit white, so I cannot put too much.

– Really, I’ve used so many foundation powder and powder, this is still all time favorite. Better than Dior.

12. MCC – Flash on Cheek N#1 Shine Flash
– This is a highlighter without any big glitter corns, which is hard to find. lol

13. Shu Uemura – Eyelash curler
– Even though I haven’t been using it much, and I don’t feel like it is any special. I borrowed it to my friend, and she loved it, for her it works like magic, Gives the best curls ever. But for me…nothing lol so it all depends.

14. Etude House – Liquid Eyeliner – Oh~m’EyeLine
– Seriously, this one is too good. I went shower with it, almost still perfect, I was playing in the water with it in thailand, fell in the water, pouring rain outside. Still almost perfect. But sometimes I have to fix it during the day. If you touch around your eye area to much.

15. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
– This is supposedly one of the best lip balm “ever”! I don’t know…since I haven’t tried it yet. But many people I know use it.

16. Etude House – Proof 10 eye Primer
– I use this primer together with the Eyeliner. It’s really good.

17. Etude House – Color My Brows
– I don’t know why I bought this, maybe cause my friend told me it looked good, when i tried it in the store. Haha but it gives a nice colour, if you use it right, or else it looks very unnatural, very red.

18. Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule Lash renew
– This is used during night, and there is another one to use during day. But i don’t know where I’ve lost it… anyway, I didn’t see any difference….that’s all. Haha

19. Laneige Sunblock for Face 50 SPF.

20. Elisabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream, Skin Protectant
– This one is recommended by JJ, cause she use it, and I liked it cuz i borrowed it from her. The smell is not that pleasant (I like to use things that smells good), but it’s bearable. And it’s good for cracked lips, or skin. I used it on my forehead once, after I had some breakouts and it was dry, and it worked pretty good.

I have a lot of lip products, and products from Etude….Since I always go in there. haha
Skin Food is also a fav. store. But lately I also like Innisfree πŸ˜›



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