With today it’s only 5 days left. I am so sad beyond words. And the worst part is that my dear Oppa, the one and only Leader of our group is leaving today, after the party he will leave for the airport. Ain’t that a little bit to early. The leader should be the last to leave, for sure!

This week of exam have been kind of crazy, I even been in library for study. I have some really funny picture, but it’s in “my maaaan Hang”sshi camera. So when she send it to me, I will post it up.

But in the end, I haven’t been that effective with studying, always chatting, talking, writing notes, playing with friends computer, etc. 😛

I bought a new pink suitcase in dongdaemun, hahahha

The only problem with this is…it’s quite heavy, but after a long time of bargaining it cost us 75 000 won 😛


PS: leave comment you guys!


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