Okay, So I am mixing up the days! Really sorry about that, School Festival and the dorm festival was right after the Jeju trip. The day we got back. on 11th May, the school festival started. And I LUUUUUV IT!!! I had so much fun! it was crazy! I just enjoyed the whole campus expericence here.

I am speed updating the important things I missed to post.

But this was for sure the most tiring week ever! lol Jeju, Udo, Jeju, Festival, Olegs birthday, and Busan.

I don’t have much photos from the festival. But here are some:

The international service team fixed a match-making thing, people could post their profile on this board, and if people are interested they can leave a note on that profile. haha but no one really did it, so we just made one for everyone! hahahhaha I made 90 % of them. The Sunny gave me some drinks for the work 😉 haha not, i just ask for some, lol Basically what’ve heard the festival is about is drinking and get drunk. lol

Me, Hang and Momo had some fun, we paid 500 won for jumping in there for 10 mins or so, haha but it was very tiring, but fun keke

During the night we had some concert, 4men and Lessang came to perform, they were pretty awesome, and during the day it was 4minute, i tried to get a glimpse after founding out my class was canceled due to the festival. But the guys were to crazy and wild, couldn’t see anything! and their scream is very scary. lol the most annoying thing is that i didn’t know that the class was canceled, my stupid classmate didn’t tell me, and I texted him, and he wrote some incohorent stuff, and I tried to call him twice! and after awhile he replied, “sorry we don’t have class”. And 1 hour later he wrote to me again; “Sorry, i didn’t answear the phone, I was watching 4minute”. Stupid guy!

Anyway, after the concert we had this party outside! and it was awesome! i don’t think I had this much fun in a party EVER! and this was also the day unni and oppa hooked up! (and thought that nobody noticed, common you think we are blind or something) kekekkeekke just want to tell you guys! hahahhaha

The festival was during on 11th – 12th may, on 13th may it was the dorm festival, No brain performed, and we had some nice food from the cafeteria, haha and it was also Oleg’s B-day. We was so stressed about this birthday since we didn’t have time to buy or arrange anything for his birthday since we were in Jeju.

But me and Jing Jing arranged a special something something! hahahahah he wanted memory for life, and here he got it! hahah

So we had this stage outside the dorm, and people were performing and stuff, so me and Jing Jing went to the people that was arranging the performances and stuff, and what a coincidence, he also knew Oleg, haha so he said that we can go up on stage whenever we were ready. haha
So we all went on stage and sang for him, and the funny part that the host asked him to dance HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA so funny. Happy B-day!!!

This was the cake we ordered for him, and this is the phrase he uses the most!
Stupid, I don’t care, Whatever, Why not etc.

In fact all the guys have their favorite words here they come:
Momo: ACtually, Don’t be Shy!, Relax!
Oppa: Relax Man, don’t worry!
Pepe: Stupid German, what da f*ck, What is this?
French guy: Maybe, i don’t know, are you going?
Swedish guy: Gött

We also went to this other school festival, the uni. infront of Childrens Grandpark:

we also went to Hanyang’s university, but i think our school was the best! haha had the most fun here anyway. But this guy was recording the performer live and people could chat at the same time while watching his video, and this videorecorder could also see the chat conversations that was going on, and he filmed us all the time and asked some questions.

Okay that’s all! no details, cuz I don’t even remember.



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