Finally Catching up with the post.
So on Friday I went to the Namdeamun market with Oppa, unni and Hang. To check out some souvenirs, not that I bought anything, lol I am just going to buy some cosmetic stuff and Korean Ginseng Tea.

But this market was kind of big, and crowded, Oppa bought some Bibimbab bowls, metal rice bowls, so very nice Cherry Blossom cups and Sushi plates. There were alot of nice chopstics and stuff. But this was kind of hidden, it might be hard for foreigner to find it, since we had our Unni with us she knew the places. It was on the second floor in some building.

Me and H wearing the same skirt, haha

I was soooo hungry! since I didn’t even anything before meeting up with them. So we went to buy this Bun cause i couldn’t wait till we get to the taco bell in Itaewon. it was super popular, Unni told us their are famous for their bun, and it was very good, afterward we had some watermelon and pinapples on stick, yummy!



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