Okay, i think all of my friends pretty much knows that I love Han River…haha I love to walk to Han river from School 😛
and I went there the last week with JJ, and we saw a bunch of people there, and some workers were setting up a stage thing. So we asked them what was going on, and they told me that they were filming a CF there soon for Mr. Pizza. Of course I asked them who is going to be there, like celeberites, and they told me some unknown name, and Lee Seungi, i was like damn, Lee Seungi, for sure I want to stay. So me and JJ stayed for like I don’t know how long, way to long anyway, but we didn’t see any Lee Seungi. Only the extras was playing their part. so it was kind of boring. But somehow interesting, cause I’ve always been curious of how it works in real life to film. For sure it takes forever to film a 3 min long CF.

I also like to exercise there, haha




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