So it’s been more than A month since I last updated….I can’t believe it’s only around 2 weeks left before school ends, and my Konkuk Campus life is over. I feel very sad about this matter. I wish I could stay a little bit longer with all these wonderful people I’ve come across, of course the people I don’t like, I feel more than happy to never see them again. haha

But I guess I will take it from where I abandoned my blog, Jeju Island! And you know how they always promote Jeju Island, with crazy nice pictures, Paradise Island, exotic and all. But in reality….it wasn’t that much. But I guess we didn’t have the weather on our side, and to go on vacation with 14 people, it’s hard to please everyone. And the whole planning thing was a very hard task as well, so we were all just happy to finally go there.

I was this happy on the flight there, beside Unni!

First of all, what you need in Jeju is a car…cause you get nowhere without it, the buses doesn’t come to often. So imagine this, 14 people in Jeju Island, landed on the 4th of May, different time of the day, trying to rent a car on the same day they arrive during holiday time. Of course thousands of other Tourist have this great idea of going to Jeju for vacation! did we get a car…OF COURSE NOT! All the cars were booked, and because we are 14, we needed 3 cars…this seemed like an impossible task. Also they told us they didn’t rent out for foreigner. Like thank you very much for your great hospitality Jeju.

Either way, on the first day we weren’t to worried about the car, we took the taxi do our guesthouse which was like one hour plus from the Jeju City…….we were in the middle of NOWHERE! With nice orange island-ish houses. The room was big, and nice for 14 people, even though not everyone could sleep on bed…it was pretty much the same, the bed and the floor was equally hard, and I mean it literally.

The house had one bathroom, without DOOR? And they told us it was for the guys, like what da hell, well we had some creative solution for that, but either way, nobody really liked to use that one. So we rather take our lazy butt and shower and go to the bathroom outside the room. But this bathroom inside our room made the WHOLE room smelly! Seriously, it was so smelly there, inside the room, and outside! I just called this the smelly guesthouse.

So the first day we arrived we just settled down, cause it was raining anyway, and we didn’t have a car to go anywhere, so the owner of the guesthouse drove us to the small groceries store, with me and 6 other people, to buy some food for the 2 days we were staying there, and also for dinner, since we had a kitchen to cook.

So the finish girls cooked some omelette, to be honest everytime we were in that house, I felt like some kind of poor person, haha cuz we never cooked enough to get all of us full.

The second day, most of the people went hiking, but me and 4 other people decided to visit the beaches, and try to rent a car somewhere. So we went to the beach, very nice, but we didn’t stay long, and later we decided we needed to visit the City, since everybody told us it was impossible to rent a car in that small place. So while we were walking we saw the bus passing us, and we all started to panic, except from momo…cuz he just screamed and waved to the bus, and it actually stopped and picked us up!! Hahah how crazy wasn’t that. In to the city we go, and of course we couldn’t find any place to rent a car, we just went in to some random stores, to ask for direction to some kind of car agency, so in the end. In some random shoe store called MBC, and the owner tried to help us call around, and when we all realized it was impossible, the owner looked at us and told us (in Korean) that he was borrowing his car to us!… can it get crazier. Momo didn’t understand one word, he just looked at me and said, “what da hell is he saying!?” And I couldn’t even believe what I explained…in a jiffy he went to get his car keys, and gave it Momo. This was so shocking for all of us. He just took the key, wrote down his number and driving license number, and the owner took out some stuff from his car..and we drove off….LOL!

In the car we started to talk of course…. is the police coming to get this car…is it stolen…. why did he borrow his car to total strangers?

Okay I want to make this post short, because it’s to much text already. So we arrived on a Wednesday, but on Friday we had to move to Udo island, because we couldn’t book the guesthouse for Jeju from Friday to Saturday (so much problem), so we took the boat to Udo, Udo was really nice! Really, my fav place here. The beaches were really beautiful, and we also had the weather on our side during our stay here, and the guesthouse wasn’t smelly, it was small and cozy. Most important part you didn’t feel dirty while you were there.

So we stayed there for two days, had some bbq, bicycle, it was really fun. No one really wanted to leave the island and go back to our smelly guesthouse. Anyway back in the Jeju we still had the car problem, because we only had one car with 14 passengers, so in the end we asked the owner if we could borrow his van. And he said yes, but we had to give him  our borrowed car, so he can move around. This is kind of risky, it’s not really our car. But anyway, we wanted to move around as a group so we had no choice, so for the rest of the vacation we had the van.

But most funny part is….during the fifth day, all our drivers got sick! Like they were puking the all night! And we were all stucked in the smelly guesthouse, we tried to crash some Korean traditional wedding for food, hahah failed!!! Instead we could try their wedding cloths, kind of thing, so O and P took the opportunity to get married, hahahhaha so cute. Anyway cuz we didn’t have anything to do….we went to the duty free shop and bought some stuff.

6th day we went to this vulcano cave or something like that, it was kind of cool…..but yeah….thank god we had a biologist with us that explained everything, cuz we were just like walking and didn’t understand anything.

The last night the Germans shaved the French hair….and it was really…………a disasteeeer!!! He got the weirdest hairstyle ever, but I mean how stupid can he be…to trust two drunk Germans To cut his hair.

Yes in short what happened during my one week in Jeju Island!!



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