So today and yeterday me and my friends have been hanging out outside our dorm, haha
It always starts with two people, yeterday I was eating with JJ, and after lunch we decided to chill today. And sat outside the dorm and ate ice cream, and of course, all the sudden Oleg and Pepe appeard, and then Momo, and Swedish guy, and then Hang, and then Vinni. So we all hanged outside the dorm, talking, eating and painting our nails and everyone elses nails. (this is why I am so damn dark!)

Lately I’ve been doing this…vänskapsband (wrist…braids? whatever) to my friends, I was just suppose to make two…and now I have to make like 8. Anyway, so after dinner i took it out with me, and the swedish guy started to make one too, for JJ! hahaha looked totally funny!

Anyway, Today it was the same, after lunch me and Hang sat outside cause we both needed to do assignments and study. and Swedish guy appeard, then Jing Jing appeared and then pepe and then VINNI…with a box from baskin robbins! JJ was very suspicious during the time while we “waited” for Vinni. And it turned out that it was because they wanted to celebrate my b-day today! haha a month early.

me and Hang enjoying life before studying, haha our watermelon! (and nachos somewhere)

My ice cream cake:

My gift:

aaw I will miss the dorm life, I had so much fun here, haha everything is nice except for the curfew. Once me, JJ and Swedish guys were outside the dorm having our swedish party (with knäckebröd, Marabou och kexchoklad), when the guard told us to “time check!!!!!!” cuz it was 1am….wth. killed the fun. we were just having fun teasing this drunk guy.

anyway, that’s all for now! thank you and good night!


PS: omg, this is so tiring!





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