On 28th May I went to Dream concert, i never thought I will get the ticket to the concert, but luckily Julyssa knew some people that sold the ticket. But it was kind of complicated, the girl couldn’t speak english, she was really bad, and it was really tiring to speak with her. we got it in the end, and we saw alot of awesome artist. but I don’t have any good pictures. Jing went with me, but she came really late, so I was just kind of lonely by myself in the beginning, and think I have been in the sun to much. I am SUPER DARK NOW!

anyway here are eeh one pic haha

Don’t ask me who these are, I don’t know, we were super far away. All the seats were far away excepts from the VIPs seats. And somehow we ended in B2st’s fanbase seats, haha not that I really mind, but it was kind of crazy. The fanculture here is crazy….

as a proof, check out this sticker I got on my binoculars. Haha I got it from a High school kiddo. Very Nice 😛





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