So the weekend after Jeju, we had this arranged trip to Busan/Ulsan with our scholarship group, called the ICI project for sustainable environment.

This trip was okay, but it felt like we spent more time on the bus than looking around. And the only reason we stayed in Busan was to sleepover. We didn’t to anything there. So during this trip was to visit Hyundai factory (but I’ve also visited the one in close to Seoul, so it was kind of boring), then we went to this old palace in Koreas old capital. Nothing much happened.

But we decided to stay one more day in Busan, so we spend our extra day on the beach, and went out clubbing on the night. This area was like Itaewon but in Busan, cause it was tons of foreigner there. Kind of crazy. And because we were there with the Finnish girls, we kind of had a disagreement. Well not really disagreement, but they are very picky with everything, so when we went out they thought it was to many Koreans, but it also cannot be to much foreigner, it have to be like 50/50 or something. So we changed from one club to another, and to the next bar and to the next. In the end we ended up with the same bar/club that we went to in the first place! And there they started to hang out with these army people…. that couldn’t speak English, VERY FUNNY! Not.

Don’t ask me what we were doing, haha I have no idea myself.

Me and myyy maaan H!



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