So we had two raining days last week, and this is how the chinese side of the corridor looked like. And the specifically told us NOT to do this on the dorm orientation. lol

It was Jing Jing’s b-day last Sunday, so we celebrated her birthday on Saturday with the exchange student people and some other koreans. It was tons of fun =)
But on Sunday, on her real b-day me and Vinni dragged ourself up from bed (damn we were tired, only 4 hours of sleep) and went to buy this cute cupcake for her, and gave her our extra gift, keke

I don’t remember when I got this rose, but it was from Jessie, she is so sweet, i found it outside my room one day when I got back from class. haha

This is the midterm week, all the school clubs don’t do any activities because of the midterm, haha and they study really funny too. Like this guy in the hip hop club, putting a towel on his cap, so he don’t get disturbed by the surrounding, why was he even studying in the dance room?! haha what da hell, that just looked hilarious, to bad I didn’t have my camera with me.

And it is the Cherry Blossom time! we have really pretty cherry blossom trees here in the campus, and tomorrow we are going to see the Cherry Blossom Festival (or whatever it’s called) and some fireworks!



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