Last week, was really something else, we had so much in our schedule, it was kind of crazy.

First of all we had some small mini concert in school, some old school singer was there (Bobby Kim, Jaebum Lim bla bla), but also IU and some kind of rockband named Mate was there. Our coordinator told us that it was for free, so we went there for the free tickets. but the funny thing is that the give out more ticket than there is seat available, so we had to stand in some kind of line in order to the a seat. So we tried to cut the line, and this Swedish guy and Norwegian guy was like scolding us, hahaha it was kind of funny, but damn I dislike them. So anyway. in the end everybody got in, and we sat on the stairs, lol.

The band: Mate

IU and Yiruma, the guys went crazy when IU came out…and everybody left when she was done, haha

So last friday our school arranged this event for us, to visit the old village and Everland. It was also Gueillumes ( I really don’t know the spelling of his name, haha)

In this picture, you can’t really see me…even if the pic was bigger, I am like behind some chinese student haha


Me with Jing Jing’s camera, I want one!!!

This little cute guy was filming in the Old village! he was so CUTE!!! <3<3<3 he was super popular, haha he had like a crowd, everybody wanted to take pics of him xD

After the old village we left we went to Everland! haha I just have one pic xD

After Everland, we had to celebrate Geulliumes b-day, we prepared alot for his b-day with the gift and everything (well actually we prepared more for Jessie’s b-day, but this was fun anyway) we gave him a big drum, and then we went to our “favorite” Ho bar around the campus. Many of us left early because the next day….we went to mountain hike. haha omg, it was really hard, but it was fun, poor Vinni and her Mentor, it looked like they were both going to cry. It was like real hiking, we thought it was going to be like….. stairs…like in Hong Kong. hahaha

Haha I looke really weird!


And today…it’s raining, and they say it’s radioactive rain…..but gosh.

But spring is really here, I see flowers yay!

But i can’t believe it’s the mid term soon….must studyyyyy, bye!




6 thoughts on “Old Village, Everland, Mini Concert, and Mountain Hiking

    • Jaa, jag har verkligen föööör roligt! känns inte som att plugga alls, och det är redan final exam soon, och I will soon be back in boring Sweden!!!

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