So Yesterday me, Jing Jing, Vinnie and Ashely went for a kendo competition. Because Jing Jing have “joined” the club (I guess so, since she will go practice it again on monday 7 am lol, this woman is crazily active in everything). Her captain told her that there was this Kendo competition in school on Saturday evening. So we were like okay, let’s check it out. But it was so boring >_< haha they were screaming like crazy. It was kind of cool, but we had no knowledge in this sport, we didn’t really followed the “show”. Anyway, I left after like 40 min, haha, closely followed by Vinni xD

Alright, the pics ain’t that good, took it with Vinni’s mobilephone. lol So yeah……it was kind of awkward cuz we just sat there….the four of us, together with the other newbie in the Kendo club. lol

So anyway, I wonder who won….lol

Afterwards we went to Club Heaven, supposedly the best or second best club in Seoul. I though it was okay. A whole lot better than “The Mass” we went to last week. The music was so damn loud in The mass we couldn’t exchange ONE word while dancing on the dance floor. And then we were like half deaf when we came out of the club lol.

Korean people really likes to dance to techno music, after 10 pm, all the DJ play techno/electronic music.

Club heaven was the same. But somehow the DJ pulled it off pretty nicely and you could actually dance….or maybe I am just used to it? haha



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