Yeah, it have been a long time since I arrived to Korea. haha almost a month! As you guys already know, i manage two blogs, just ignore the other one. I probably post similar contents.

It’s been alot of ups and downs this month. I’ve met many great people, and some…not so great, had good times, while other times I just want to pack my bag, and through my bag in their head, and then just have vacation for the rest of the semester. Haha

Me and Jing Jing in Konkuk Campus

We went for some traditional Korean food. Really Good!

I’ve finally tried this cold stone ice cream =)


We celebrated Vinni’s birthday a day early, and “serious face” took us to a chinese restaurant. It was actually really good. And he even gave her a pink birthdaycake! haha alot prettier than the cake me, jing jing and hang bought, lol

Hahah look at my evil eyebrows! kekeke

After the dinner we met up with our other friends and went for Karaoke! It could have been crazier, but it was still fun.

And then after the karaoke, we went to a bar/restaurant and continued the celebrations, We sang like in 10 different birthday song! in every language! lol On the chocolate it says “Happy birthday Vinni Pinni Wong! Saranghaeyo!” haha Koreaner kallar henne för Pinni haha

The day after was her actual birthday, so when we came home from class we found this flower pot outside our dorm room. It was our dear Jessie who left it there for Vinni. How sweeeeet ain’t she. haha

And then we celebrated again, because me, jing jing and hang bought two cakes, but we only ate one of them so we decided to eat the other cake on her actual birthday, hahaha we went to Mr Suh, our coordinator and we borrowed the international service team’s meeting room. haha. we ate 3 different cakes while celebrating Vinni >_<




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