In a conflict, people tend to forget there is two sides of one story. Two perspectives of one story. Two peoples feeling to take into account. It’s easy to stand on one side, after listening to one side of the story. But in the end, do you even have the right to be the one judging (I am talking about you J). I try to be objective, try to find perspective you are too blind to see, because you are so twisted in your own story, perspective, feelings and anger. (and J & D, you’re not helping when you are pouring in oil in to the fire)

I’ve known you all my life, and I know exactly how you are, always over analyzing someones intention, and you know the one who spread this info to begin with is someone who likes to dramatized a story (and of course we still love her, cause that is just the way she is). I am not saying that you can’t trust her. But confronting the other part without listening to her explanation is just wrong.

And what da hell J. You are so stupid! In some way, you created this problem!




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