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Actually I’ve been a little worried about my exchange semester to Korea this February, quite a lot have gone a little wacko lately.

But today I met two students that previously done the exchange semester(year) in Korea, and they told us som great valuable information! haha so I feel alot calmer now and  really excited!

First of all, i was a tad bit skeptical to the school (Konkuk Uni.), but they told us alot of good stuff about it, so it feels better. Except from the scary coordinator ( i really do not hope he reads this, hehe, but he take cares of everything, so it’s okay)

Second, about the dorms, and their never ending rules. But it seems like alot of exchange students ignore them….keke, they punishment is that you get minus point, and might not be able to stay for the next term….but on the other hand…I am only staying one term. So hopefully it will be okay to break some rules, hehe

Third, the courses…i was worried that i might not be able to pass them (cuz the asia system is kind of strict), but according to these two students, it’s very easy, and they treat students as customers (since they pay to study). So kind of business like, you might be able to negotiate with them….I don’t know how…..but yeah…haha. And that the courses is held in english by korean native speaker. I have a really hard time understanding english with accent, so i was a bit worried about that, but since the books are in english, it’s okay….

Other valuable information is….they have a fridge, hahahhaha very important to me, since i am obsessed with their milk (Strawberry and Banana milk). Second, water boiler, so I can eat cup noodles in the middle of the night. I forgot to ask about the microwave….very important to, and the laundry……..well next time I i will ask.

One if them had a lot of experience with exchange studies! So jealous! Singapore, Korea (twice!) now she is going to Shanghai! Jealous or what!? She knows how the school works with the exchange studies system XD awesome! gotto learn from her haha


PS: forgive me for my grammar errors, read my Swedish Blog if u have a problem with this!


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