I have so many problems right now.

Yesterday my exchange school from Korea finally sent us a reply to all the exchange students for the upcoming term. This schedule was what I found attached to the mail.

1. If you want to get picked up from the airport, you have to be at the airport 17-18 feb and the pick-up is only available between 9:00-16:00

2. Check-in for the dorms is also during 17-18 feb, only 09:00-17:00, if you’re not there by those two dates, you won’t be able to live in the dorms.

3. 21 feb there is a mandotory arrival orientation

4. 21-23 feb class registration

So what’s the problem? the problem is that my Swedish school told us to get the ticket as soon as possible, because there is chance that there is no flight left later on (but i booked early mostly because I just wanted to get the damn ticket out of my way), and I bought a ticket to leave Sweden on february 24. This means that I’ll miss EVERYTHING there is to miss. I felt like crying, but I was so stressed I didn’t have time to mourn over it and tried to solve this shit as soon as possible. So yesterday i panicky rebooked my ticket through a mail conversation with Sta Travel (great service by the way), and the best I could get was to arrive in Seoul 17 feb 16:30……30 min late for the pick up, and I will have no chance to get to the dorm in 30 min after arrival. So I am just planning to play a hobo and spend a day and sleep at the airport.

Like that’s not enough with problems, my exchange coordinator in Sweden sent me another mail this morning telling me she lost my paper for the scholarship agreement and now I need to send her a new one.

Like that’s not enough! I need to pay for a whole years dentist shit when I am not even here half of the year. Like that’s not enough, I need to complement my last exam. Like that’s not enough I am trying to kill myself working during the christmas “holiday” and write my bachelor thesis and my thesis in the B cours in Media and communications science.



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