Read the MacWorld magazine today, Apple really combines design with functionality, Their aritcle about future computer made me SUPER excited! It’s some crazyyy stuff coming this way. Haha well, coming in a few years, hopefully. XD

No pics…couldn’t find any on their website.

But while reading the magazine, I also found some other interesting stuff, haha the listed the most weird USB thing according to them. And I can’t agree more, haha

For asians, this is SUPER neccaceary….NOT

Really!? Do you really want to eat infront of the computer with this one? I certainly won’t risk my baby Mac:ie with that noodle thing…. XD This is a Japanese invention…..

The second thing i want to introduce is this usb eye-massage thing. I don’t know where they invented this, but it’s shaped like a V-sign, and coming from a chinese site, so I guess China. hahahaha but Lol eye-massage…..since when did we start to massage the eyes?

The decription says; The prevention of myopia; depending on the Elimination of fatigue; prevent insomnia, myopia
Spec. HAHAHA what kind of miracle eye massage thing is this, ain’t the decription a little conspicuous…..


Another japanese invention, USB Cigarette, this world have turned all digital! haha eerm….

You put the nicotine in the holder and action GO, smoke indoors without disturbing your neigbours with the stinky smoke….


And the last one is…GHOST RADER

Tracks the ghost for ya! erm yeah….I don’t want to believe in ghost. But this thing sure would get me in other thoughts, haha


This world is just full of funny things XD




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