You found a really good song, You listen to it, And While listening to it, you come to realize, they sing about everything you don’t believe in. They sing about God. But then again, You keep listening to it, cause it’s still a good song. And Basically these days, lyrics have no deeper message than, Love is everything, love sucks, love is pain, love is worth it, sex, that chick over there is hot, how do I get layed tonight?, breakup, cheater, party, ex-gf/bf is a bitch and In your Face songs. And sometimes I try to undertand raps, but I always end up, “What? What does that even mean!?”I don’t have the hip hop vocabulary in me.

But anyway, this is the song I’ve started to listen, I really like it, thanks to MC Jin lol; Jaeson Ma ft. Bruno Mars – LOVE:

“Now Hollywood wants to make you think they know what love is.[…] Love is not what you see in the movies. Its not the ecstasy, its not what you see in that scene. ” – This Line is SOOOOO media- & communications science! den var helt klockren. But then I realized that the started to rap “Love is God, and God is Love”, and I was like…..okay…maybe not…

But this Line is worth to have in mind. Hollywood Love is an Ideology – Hollywoodism.

This One is Good aswell; Jaeson Ma – Glory:

and It’s no wonder that the songs is about God ( I totally get the Christian camp feel, we sang these kind of songs when I was on a christian camp long time ago), he apparently worked as a pastor and Christian entertainer.



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