So I’ve been listening to Far East movement lately, well basically you can’t avoid it, cuz their “Like a G6” is attacking me from EVERYWHERE! Radio, TV, Youtube, Radio again, Youtube, Radio, Radio…radio, haha  I listen to the radio every morning, and it never fails to broadcast G6 during this one and a half hour I listen.

So Far east Movement is really the shit right now, and it’s funny, cuz I’ve “known” them for quite some time now, in Ellie (?) some girl’s youtube account (she is hilarious), so I saw her interview with them, I was like, okay cool, but my thought was basically; a bunch of asia guys trying to break into the American Music Industry, neeeever going to happend (well, in my FACE now! lol )

Then I saw them in WongFu productions (My Love and respect goes to Wes, Philip and Ted ❤ haha) videos for ISA concert, and I was like okay cool, they hang out with the rest of the asia wave youtube celeberties.

And then I saw them in, was it David Choi’s video, maybe it was Kevjumba or NigaHiga…., I don’t even remember, and I was like…well there they are again! and they were talking about their album, and all the sudden their song was EVERYWHERE!!! And I saw NigaHigas parody of that song too somewhere along the way and they was also in Kevjumbas video with Wongfu “Dance To this song”.

Yesterday I was kind of youtubing MC Jin (Jin the MC!) and was checking his hilarious raps in cantonese (just love this guy, he is uncontrollable when he starts to freestyle rapping) and I out of nowhere I find this video with Far East Movement ft Jin The MC, and i was like…..is it MC Jin or is Jin the MC a different person, so of course, my best friend Google gave me the answear, and I was like “OOOOOOH”, it’s the same person, and I also found out that  MC Jin’s ABC song was Far East Movements work and right there I just had to check their album. Thank you spotify! ❤

Well…back to the topic……I feel like Far East Movements music is like 2NE1 Style! and they should totally collaaaaaaaab!

That’s all! Bye

Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) – Love this song:

Hahahaha gotto check this out too!
David Choi Rocketeer Beat Box Cover with Special Guests



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