I get it, why poeple won’t read my blog. (well it’s pretty boring). My post are so damn long and just I won’t shut up.

But I don’t want to shut up, I want to talk about TABLO! (#welovetablo) and fans…and antis

Tablo’s “stuff” is getting a bit out of hand these days. Haters are kind of crazy. I figure I want to discuss this craziness the media can bring up. The media can bring you sky high, or tackle you down to hell, kick you back up and then strangle you to death and all the sudden you’re just a nobody. Okay that was kind of overflow and a non proper way to explain the media.

As we all know the fanworld of Korea…or Asia is a bit hardcore. Hardcore fan buy all the “shit” the companies are bumping out for money because of course you want to support your idol, and the fans gladly accept this fact that all the companies do is for money, money, money, and more money, and more and more (yeah you get the point again). Everything with their idol on, is worth the money, (what kind of logic is that!? I didn’t even buy Jay Park’s little single album, and my friends tell me I love him…and I do)  but are these products you are buying really worth it!? ask yourself, do you need 4 version of the same albums cuz they’ve changed the cover, or you get an extra picture.  Idol are just like a brand. Everything with their face, or a cartoon that resembles them or their name  is so damn desirable for the fans. Why is that. Fans are victims of this corruped greedy world. And they just accept that fact.  The companies are damn tricky, realeasing 4-5 version of the same album with different covers, extra this and extra that. These days I just wait till all the versions are out and then choose the one I want the most. Then it’s the…..LIMITED EDITION YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE! Yes everything limited is desireable. Not everybody can have it, if you don’t buy it now, you might never get it. This is their favorite trick. After the limted version comes all the other version.

During my visit in Korea I went to two concert, Super Junior and 2PM. One of them I didn’t like so much, cuz yeah their Live performances ain’t that good. The other one, just loved it. So this is what a hardcore fans would say about the concert that I prorably thought sucked ass: “omg they looked so HOT, and sang so well”or “His voice cracked, aaaw don’t worry you still looked damn cute and hot.” As a real musican that is like an insult (if i was a muscian that is haha) as an Idol, you just love the fact that the fans still support you even if you suck.

So with hardcore fans….comes with the antis. They are the opposite of hardcore fans (the antis might be a hardcore fan for someone else though). They try to ruin the artist fame (?) and reputation, find every little small detail in their privat life to blacken (erm can you say that?) them. For people like them, I just think those poeple have to much freetime (well same goes with the hardcore fans who also stalk their idol…LOLZ, you can actually hire a taxi for a day to stalk your idol….wtf). So I am wondering what these antis get out of this. I mean if you don’t like the artist, just ignore them, i don’t start google-ing  them to find something ugly and then post up mean things to ruin their reputation. ( I have every reason to believe that the media love these kind of things.) Like wtf, I probably go google some other hot guy that I actually like.

So Why is it that some idol get the sky high popularity in todays popular culture and some just don’t, some have crazy large fanbase, and some have small. Some support the fact that their idol have a girlfriend, and some would kill the girl if the idol showed a tad bit of interest in talking to them (well if she ain’t a super famouse artist that is). The mystery lays in …..*drums* the MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How your company promotes you, how many times you appear on tv, magazine, radio etc etc. How much the MEDIA choose to promote you, how they like to potray you, angles, aspect, perspective all matters. (film editing is the bitch). They check the outcome of what they’ve produced. If the majority is actually agreeing with what they are saying, or have been tricked to believe what they’ve made they continue this storyline, if they don’t they try to sooth it out. Media is trying to give the fans what they want. But in the end they can’t give everybody what they want. They just look for the most money generating thing to sell. (okay this whole part is a tad bit confusing and isn’t holding a red thread……..)

The idol world is a damn big part of the korean modern culture that the media do not know how to survive without it. You see idols EVERYWHERE.

So this is the funny thing, media are reproducing everything they know sells, after 2pm’s beasty image, what happend, ooooh B2st are here. The concept are pretty much the same, I mean they keep saying 2pm are beasty here and beasty there, and all sudden, out came the group b2st (beast) and from JYP’s sister company CUBE entertainment. I don’t know how it was before, but when Jay ripped his shirt and everybody just loved it, what happend? I see freaking shirt ripping and abs showing everywhere (well i know Rain pretty much showed his abs all the time but hell, every idol group didn’t do that after that, didn’t even shiwon showed his abs after the 2pm thing? need to check, I know it was in the second album he showed his abs). The reproductions just never ends. So yeah. Don’t get me wrong….I love Beast. Can’t wait for their comeback too. keke

There is probably more examples for this….just can’t think of any right now, but everything is reproduction anyway. Like Adorna (was it really him who said that? gotto check), the music you hear is the reproduction of some other song that the media already know selled well, and I was thinking of Taeyangs Wedding dress song, remember when Taeyangs video for “where U at” came out, and the last 20 sec or so was a teaser for Wedding dress, and everybody went crazy and was like… OOOH the melody sounds really good (including me, i was dying to listen to the song) and the fans was like picking up the teaser and made a whole song of it. And damn! it sounded like the original when it came out. So this is how the reproduction works. We pretty much can guess the next tone before we even hear it.   Crazy huh, we are like psychic haha

And a another path I’ve discoverd is depending on what kind of artist you are, and how many fans you have, you can measure “how crazy your fans are” haha ( yes this theory needs to verifies, and this will be my project essay for school in media and communcation science, I would probably rephrase it though, haha) And depending on how many fans you got that can protect you the less the antis will show up or reveal themself with army force. Since the hardcore fans are an army themself, with probably more soldats.

Let me come back to Tablo’s case. Is not that he don’t have many fans, because he do. But the fans that Tablo have is the MATURE kind of fans (I believe…). The fans that don’t take all the crap the media is shoving their way. They listen to the lyrics of Tablo and gets inspired by him (cuz we know what he says about the media and the society, even thought he once in awhile is a bit conradictive). Not the typical love and cheesy songs, I mean I like them too. But it’s not like they have an impact on me. Epik High have a sincere kind of music, they are the ones that bring me down to earth from perfection from the idol heaven (wth, so lame), the ones that give me reality slaps. To be honest, I think most of the korean fans needs some of that. I mean fuck why can’t they have gf & bf without the fans bashing like they are some kind of disease, please they are human too, do you really want them to be single and lonely till they are 40? Would you be happy if someone tried to break you and your boyfriend/girlfriend up because they have a bunch of crazy people drooling over them? I don’t think so.

What kind of fan Am I…I am a crazy fan! I am the one bashing all the girls that tried to near my hotties! YOU WATCH OUT! Okay that outburst was kind of random. But no, I am not a crazy fan, I like everyone (sort of), that actually have a talent to show and not just the face, and I like pretty faces too. I am torn between what I should like and what I shouldn’t like, what I should enjoy and what i shouldn’t. But in the end, I just choose whatever that makes me happy. Because whatever we do, we do it for a selfish purpose. I don’t accept all the crap the media is showing me, or maybe I do, without even knowing it, the media is a brainwashing devil. example: I really didn’t get the deal with the song GEE from SNSD, but since EVERYBODY and in EVERY show they talked about it, sang to it, dance to it i just couldn’t dislike it anymore.

YES that was a piece of my thought. I just wanted to puke out some of my thoughts that nobody reads anyway.

Please crazy fans. Get a proper life. Don’t ruin other people because you are jealous, what did you say, u are not f*cking jealous? eeh Yes you are, if u are ruining for others you probably are just freaking jealous for one or another reason.

I am a fan too, i like pretty and limited stuff too. But just don’t get all crazy over it and think you’ll die without. and most importanly, don’t ruin other artist for what they do, the truth will eventually come out, and when it does, think about it, are you really the one who should judge. Everybody got a reason for doing what they do, what’s important is where their intentions lays, the reason, hear them out. Think before eating everything the media is feeding you, they might poison you.


PS: please if u are planning to bash on me because I am talking nonsens, or about my grammar and spelling problems, then save your voice and comment. NOT interested…on the other hand…keke no one is reading, this post is mostly for myself for future research in this field.

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