So actually some pretty interesting things happend in Korea. Me and my friends met some hm….what should I call them…hehe B-listed celeberties? that just sounds mean…….well very talented people who deserves more attention for their talent! But they were so freaking nice to us!

We met the Unni’s from the duo group As One, and they are also MC host for tbs radio show Kpopular, and we visited their radioshow, haha and they practically forced us to be ON the show. So embarassing. Wasn’t prepared for it at all, they told us that we didn’t have to speak in the beginning >_< haha but it was a fun experience in the end. 😛 We also met the Hollywood guy there haha he was a guest at the show, Johnny Young. I have a pic, but I do not know if I really should post it. (also have a really fun clip with Min and him dancing to SNSD Gee, haha so much fun!)

Well this pic is on their website anyway, so I though I could post it up. My friends wouldn’t be so happy if they found out about this blog, haha

We also went to the midnight show for Jae Unnis tbs radioshow and met alot of people there. Like our oppas, Jason and Jeff. Been so nice to us during the whole trip.

We even met Sangchoo from Mighty Mouth! So crazy, I was like staring at him for the longest time and I couldn’t pin-point who he was. Til’ As One’s Min Unni told me. Haha

So we got some stuff signed, HAHA (these post-its is from Mickys Gelato Bar T got from last year) So Sangchoo from Mighty Mouth signed, Jae, and As One’s Min and Crystal. Super nice people. Actually I have a pic of Sangchoo but I figure I shouldn’t post it, my friends probably would hate me if I did.

Just a few days left in Korea we actually went to One Ways Studio. Haha thanks to Miss L…haha what can I say. They invited us….well he invited miss L….me and T just tagged along. Lol! And to be honest, I was the only one who really wanted to go! haha wth. >_<

So the thing is, we wanted our album signed, so we went to buy their album, and seriously that was a HARD task! we went to every CD store, Bookstore, whatever there is. We all bought our albums from different stores. haha it took us like 3 days to find one copy for each one of us. And I was the last one to find mine (I pretty much checked other stuff….and they were the one who actively searched for it…..Yeah…I am just like that…..Don’t judge me! keke).

But the funny thing is….they gave us their album for free! So we now have 2 album each, Peter told us to give the other album away, I was considering it til I found out this funny little detail…..

So this was the album they gave me…with my name and everything.

And then I opened my album that I bought and it was signed too! I was like…WTH I thought I took someone else album….but then realized….everyone had their album….so crazy lol Give away psh…i should probably signed up in some of their forums and sell it….(?) haha Just kidding. Gonna keep this one too…atleast for now

Check out Yongsky’s nice handwriting, So neat, looks like graffiti.

Anyway blogging takes forever. I am out now. No one reads this anyway. PSH

During this vacation I’ve been shameless….I’ve done some weird stuff…..


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