Today I recieved a postcard from my friend J who is stuyding in Korea this semester. I got pretty suprised, it was like a “hundred” years ago I actually recieved one. My brother was like, why did you recieve a postcard?! I was like WHY THE HELL NOT you little Midget! Anyway, I got all happy ❀ thanks!

Anyway, check it you:

(ain’t my cup super cute! the owner from the Hongsi guesthouse i stayed at during this summer with my friends gave this to me, and another cup that was a smiley face on it to my friend L, they were so nice there ❀ )

Okay these are not real, but still looks yummy right! Bought it in a bookstore in Korea the last day, haha =)



4 thoughts on “Postcard and Delicious Cupcakes

  1. hey i came across your blog while searching for hongsi guesthouse reviews. may i ask which room u stayed in and is the ensuite bathroom big enough to shower comfortably? i saw some hostels that have way too tiny bathrooms. hope u can advise me, i am going to seoul in july. thanks!

    • Hi!
      So you are going to Korea, so Jealous!
      Anyway, We stayed in a, back then “four person room”, but I know that they’ve refurnished the place, so it doesn’t look the same anymore, I think they made it to a “6 bed dormitory”. So that room was pretty big for the 3 of us.

      The bathroom is combined with the toilet, So it more or less big enough, when we stayed there, they had two bathrooms on the first floor, and both was pretty okay, not tiny, but the floor would get wet for the next person who wants to visit the toilet xD
      I know they have a second floor with a big room, but I haven’t been there, so don’t know how it looks there.

      Are you going alone or with friends? If you are going with 3-4 people then I can also recommend “hostel apartment”. When i was there this past summer, I lived in a sort of apartment hostel, and that one was kind of nice, with kitchen and you could wash your cloths and the bathroom was big, called Studio 41. Also in Hongdae. But yeah it depends on if you are going with a bunch of friends or alone.

      Hope it helped, it was sort of a long reply xD

      • Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚
        It’ll just be myself and another friend. I will consider hongsi and studio 41st. Thank u so much for your advice and have a great week!

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