Yes this is a Random post!

Here is a Pic of super popular and famous Yoona from Girls Generation (GE GE GE GE BABY BABY BABY). It’s just that I don’t get it, Yoona is the ideal for many Korean men, but look at Yeon Hee, she is SO pretty! I think she is prettier than Yoona. She should be the new Ideal for all men, haha Of course there is more to it than the looks of Yoona ( I HOPE). She have a nice smile….but so does Yeonhee! Geez why is she so underrated (or is she?). Well anyway this is just a random post, I like Yeonhee. And Yoona is …Yoona. Haha I like her somewhat…

Most random, look at Yunho (DBSK..or ex DBSK?). He wants to be in the pic too. kekekeke Looking good there in the background XD



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