Here is the last post for today, and last post about coffee shops, haha I am so doing this because I don’t want to study! bleh

Nescafé – nothing special, we went there cuz we didn’t have another choice, we were visiting TBS midnight show, and Nescafé was the only thing near and open. XD

Coffee Bean – Actually the first coffee shop we visited. XD It was pretty good there =) I think i took an Vanilla Latte(?) not sure actually XD

Bubble Tea shop Quicky – Sorry to say, I took a Strawberry bubble tea and it was SO NOT GOOD, it was disgusting, my friends apple tasted even worse! The only okay one was that purple, I don’t remember what it was, but yeah the only one that was okay.

and everyones favorite Starbucks (ftw), since we don’t have a Starbucks here in Sweden (well at the airport on terminal 5 only!) made me a little hyper (but is it overrated?) Anyway, their Frappé Mocha is SO GOOD. And I tasted their green tea frappé, also very very nice ❤

This is me, haha bags under my eyes….yeah we had a crazy life over there…kind of, haha (why can’t I rotate the pic here in wordpress?)

well, more pics might come up….I don’t know when though….

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